Back in 1987 Tasland Developments company director, Ross Harrison purchased the Eastcoaster Resort at Orford and the Maria Island Ferry Service.

From 1987 to 2001, Ross ran the resort and the Maria Island Ferry directly from the Eastcoaster jetty.  The ferry service was extremely popular with the resort guests running at capacity each day.  From 2001 to 2015, the Eastcoaster management was leased out which unforunately lead to the demise of the business and the property to the point where a decision had to made to either sell the property or give it a complete make over. 

In 2015, Ross decided to take back over the Eastcoaster and to undertake a full redevelopment and renovation of the entire property. 

The Eastcoaster is today looking better than ever!  Last year we demolished the old tavern to make way for the construction of a spectacular over-water restaurant, the Spring Bay Seafood and Wine Bar.  The accommodation services have been given a huge make over with 40 rooms and 6 cabins all now fully renovated.  There are new meeting and conference facilities plus the indoor pool, spa and outdoor pool have all been completely revamped.   A new gym and children's playground have also been installed.  We have construted a new boat ramp and cleaned up the waterfront including the addition of some stunning new sea walls.

It's great to see the Eastcoaster once again thriving as a fantastic holiday destination.

The Eastcoaster Resort has also been rebranded as Eastcoaster Tasmania.

Below is the web address where you can book your next getaway at the new and exciting EASTCOASTER TASMANIA.

Come and see what all the fuss is about...